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Elementary/Lower-Intermediate (A2)

CER L3 "The Ironing Man" - Book/ "", уровень B1, - Книга

Описание: Пока Том работает в Лондоне, его жена Марина одна скучает в небольшой деревеньке, где они живут.

ISBN: 9780521666213

Издательство: Cambridge University Press

Автор: Philip Prowse

Язык: английское издание, Уровень: начальный

Формат: 210 х 146 х 4 мм, Страниц: 64

Год издания: 2006, Переплёт: мягкая обложка

Вес: 0.200 кг.

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498 руб.

От издателя


Пока Том работает в Лондоне, его жена Марина одна скучает в небольшой деревеньке, где они живут. Она мечтает, чтобы кто - нибудь выполнял за нее работу по дому, и вдруг жизнь в их доме меняется. Ее мечта становится реальностью, когда в их доме появляется необычный человек…

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1. Kirill Gretchenko 08.04.2012 15:08
Oh, my God. It’s happened. I’m very lucky. I’ve already bought and read this book! The author is Colin Campbell. I respect him. The reason of this is that Colin Campbell always write gripping stories!!! So, let’s return to the story. “The Ironing Man” is the name of a book. Colin wrote this book in the comedy genre. But my opinion is that a genre is romantic comedy because this book is thought-provoking about what is mean love! Remember, it’s only my opinion.
So, the main characters are Tom, Marina (she’s him wife) and Phil (he’s detective). A story is set in the small village outside London in our times. Tom works in London and soon, he has forgotten about his wife (they made love last time a month ago). One day when Marina was at home, she had the guest. A guest was The Ironing man. Marina thought about ironing, but didn’t do it. And The Ironing Man came to help her. Then they made friends. After that the new friend told her that he is someone like angel and he help people! At this time Phil spoke with Tom about Tom’s wife and her friend, that Marina betrayed him. But Tom understood that it was mistake. Finally all of characters were happy.
The strong point of a book is language. He isn’t simple, but not difficult for understanding. I think, it’s something like ideal. I like some phrases (For example: made love; woman in question; be in touch with world; it was small in the same way that Mount Everest is small and etc.).
Thought-provoking is the only one weakness of a book. Comedy shouldn"t force to think.
Thus it’s amazing story. I’m very glad that I read this book. Of course, I recommend this book to you and you know why! ;)

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